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Within the norm?

Quickly visualize salaries for similar positions in your comparables against what your positions are paid. Identify outliers and justify pay schedules or ranges with smart, visual tools.

1250+ Position Templates
Select and modify from hundreds of public agency templates.
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Define your Benefits
Create & assign to positions to create a total position's cost.
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Document Sharing
Upload personnel manuals, contracts, policies, & more...
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Personalized Reporting
Create reports with ease, simply "drag & drop" the data you want.
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Unlimited Comparables
Create and personalize as many comparable sets as you need.
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Range Increase
Annual increases are a snap!
Whether % or $ it's your choice.
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Peer Accountability
Finished entering your data?
Take a look at who depends on it.
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Position Snapshots
Say cheese! Create a defined point in time for each salary increase.
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